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You can receive your state authorized, accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!


About Accredited Life Experience Degrees

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 By engaging scripture, theology, the church and the gospel through the eyes and perspectives of my fellow students, faculty and staff, we have experienced the spirit moving among us, molding mere knowledge into something that, hopefully, approaches wisdom. Seminaries are unique institutions. While ideally their chief constituency is the church of Jesus Christ and their chief goal is to provide leaders for that church, in reality, seminaries serve many additional constituencies denominational governing bodies, contributors, the faculty, the academy, alumni, ecclesial activists of every stripe, cranks, naysayers, students.


Accredited Life Experience Degrees

He was president of drew theological seminary from 1873 until 1880, when he was elected bishop. She continues: put in theological categories, all persons are children of god and should have equal access to. . The instructors interview questions also consisted of instructional techniques and methods in relation to a course delivered at a distance. This faculty member, an outstanding teacher in a classical discipline, recognized that the absence of experience in ministry was a drawback in preparing others for ministry. Site team is the lay group that represents the larger church/agency in providing a channel of communication and education between seminarian and congregation or agency in an atmosphere of support, accountability and practice of ministry experience. There is some good news, though: the average acceptance rate at colleges nationally most of which, remember, are public and far from elite is nearly 70 percent. Who had both taught in a seminary and served as a Christian educator in a parish, held our feet to the fire as we interviewed candidate after candidate. Many of those within the current generation of students have had little leadership experience in churches. Doctoral degrees may be practical, professional degrees, such as the doctor of ministry, which prepare a person for church ministry. His writings include introduction to the criticism and interpretation of the bible ( 1835), report on elementary instruction in europe ( 1837), and the origin and history of the sites of the bible ( 1867).

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