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Educating The World

You can receive your state authorized, accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!


Accredited Online Degree Programs



Distance learning program with accredited online degrees. Northwestern seminary and christian alliance ministry.

Offering Theological Seminary, industry leading Accredited Online Degree Programs Solutions, and Seminary.

Accredited Online Degree Programs

 Distance education, then referred to as correspondence education, was used first in 1889 to provide opportunities for teachers who were unable to attend McGill university in the winter months to study for their degree. Subsequently, in 1921, a parent wrote the B.C. ministry of education requesting materials for his children because they were too far from a school, and at first primary and then secondary correspondence education was begun.

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First, in an effort to involve remote site students interactions can seem forced, consequently a more equalized approach should be explored. In fact, alternatives to the cognitive are usually presented as accommodations to individual limitations. The whole life aspect of the dominant culture includes reserved manners, relatively formal dress, dry humor, minimal decoration, traditional religious art and music, traditional art generally, strictly regular church attendance, lifelong marriages in which there are children (often many of them, and sometimes schooled at home), and restrained styles of prayer and other religious expression. And then they saw that mysterious light. Most theological institutions occupy points between the extremes: almost all assist students in securing government-sponsored loans; many encourage students to borrow at least moderately to meet need; and a few actually require students to take loans in order to be eligible for seminary grants. Rituals and informal activities also instruct: the photographic grid, with the different ages, sexes, races and nationalities of the students so clearly the point, has become the icon for mainline seminary over the two decades it has appeared repeatedly in publicity. But the core of the reformed ideology that gods plan for the world is inscribed without error in the original autographs of scripture, and that intense and careful study of the somewhat corrupt versions available to us can uncover a great part of that covenantal plan is never challenged. After graduating from college he worked for four years, and his parents agreed to take over payments on his college loans. Similar slow, but steady, gains can be seen in the area of seminary administration: in 1971 there were 103 female administrative personnel in seminaries nationwide or 12.

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