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About Biblical Hermeneutics

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 Well, the lord led me to this ministry. The lord led me to college to learn the word of god, so god could use me to spread his word. Don't be hung up on the degree, she cautions anyone who pursues a bible education. Be hung up on the word of god.


Biblical Hermeneutics

Bishop Hurst was founder and chancellor (18911902) of women's univ. The generation that entered ministry in mainline protestant denominations after world war ii has been the focus of much attention. Mellon foundation, finds that students from the bottom 25 percent of income-earners both minorities and whites account for only a percent of the undergraduates at 19 of the countries most selective public and private schools, including Harvard, Penn, Oberlin, and the university of California-Los Angeles. Participants reported that the classroom climate/atmosphere was an underlying factor in interactions. The participants recognized that an introductory overview with the equipment/ technology would have been helpful. The only aspect of religion-teaching that can be improved (we say) is method: the various methods of arousing interest or of holding the attention of large groups, and the kinds of equipment books, pictures and what not that will be most useful.

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