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Christian Counseling



Legitimate life experience degrees offered from a accredited online seminary. B.S., M.S.. M.Div., M.Th., Ph.D., Th. D., D.D. degrees available.

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Christian Counseling

 The ideal of Christian education must surely embrace these, and possibly other distinct features: first, this is our ideal: to conduct the youth committed to us through the period of collegiate or higher training under Christian influence and Christian care. Has there been a distinct reaction in our American institutions against the old theory that the college stood in loco parentis?

Christian Counseling Articles

Discussions are taking place with university personnel responsible for criminal justice programs to see if a distance learning course can be specifically developed to prepare candidates to take the certification exam. It is noted for its fine arts department; other resources include the center for contemporary music and the children's school. Its a misperception that the faculty in ats schools do not care about the church. , m. Those who came to the seminary, therefore, were persons who had been thinking about ministry, who perhaps had served as part-time youth ministers while they were in college, and who had taken some pre-seminary courses in undergraduate school. We have learned that seminary is not just about my intellectual endeavors and my personal life and growth. S. In 1996 the ats for the first time articulated some things about theological scholarship. These extra demands are often challenging, tiring, tedious and stressful. As pastor (182126) of the first Baptist church, Boston, he became known for his able preaching.

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