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About Degree Mills and Fake Degrees

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The problem exists not only in rural America. In the urban setting of Kansas city many pastors are shut out of the excitement and potential of theological education at its highest level. They are predominantly, though not exclusively, ethnic or minority pastors. So while the question in Boston may center around holding on to high standards, the seminary down the road wrestles with how theological education can break out of the clergy paradigm built on an academic model and reach the community of faith. Be careful to select theologically accredited education and avoid Fake Degrees and Degree Mils.


Degree Mills and Fake Degrees. Schools that have started down this path can take specific steps to reverse direction. They are warned away from people, ideas and institutions that seem to have given in to humanism and the emotional excesses of revivalist religion. When she speaks of the older understanding of professions as combining vocation and occupation, she could be describing seminary professors whose self-identity was first as ordained ministers and second as professors. She identifies a major problem facing theological education: will these faculty be trained and formed in ways that equip them to prepare religious leaders for the future? She begins answering in the affirmative by showing that most candidates for seminary teaching positions continue to be trained in graduate programs located in a seminary. The ats requires that member schools address the issue of spiritual formation in a manner appropriate to the schools context and tradition.

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