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 Experiments in the 1990s used video conferencing and other multimedia techniques to widen the universities range. The increased focus on distance learning has paralleled the rapid proliferation of TELECOMMUNICATIONS technologies, which have simultaneously helped to increase interaction and diminish the isolating effects of distance, 2 topics which engaged most of the early writing in this area.

Legitimate Life Experience Degrees Facts Seminaries sometimes offer limited undergraduate programs and often offer post-graduate professional and theological degrees such as the doctor of ministry and doctor of philosophy. Good scholarship always includes these three components. As for the rest of the field, even before the Michigan decision the majority of flagship public universities had already abandoned the triage system of eliminating candidates below, say, 1000 on their sat and automatically accepting anyone over 1300. There is, I believe, a scriptural invitation to this type of socially contextualized theology in the seventeenth section of Matthew's gospel, the account of the transfiguration of Jesus. Spread too thin hides a reality that goes to the heart of justice. In Oregon, the rev. There should be an increase in budget to finance educational and cultural programs. Like most of my fellow seminarians, i felt that my call contained a strong spiritual element. These types of courses include correspondence, off-campus center, on-line, video conferencing, compressed video, video/audio tape, and other new technologies emerging each year. Driver, completed 1906). Humankind, by its very nature, has self-dignity, and is nationalistic, has ethnic ties or is religious. See also Online Doctorate Degrees, and pages related to Legitimate Life Experience Degrees.