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 To the extent that theology relies upon the religious practitioners own terms, it is likely to be explored by those who have some kind of commitment to those terms: i. e. , by those who are either practitioners of the religion, or sympathizers. This is not, however, to say that one must have religious belief in order to be a theologian: some undertake it simply in order better to understand a religions structure and implications, or as a form of thought experiment - though the further one moves from the philosophy of religion end of the spectrum to the theology end, the rarer non-practitioners become.


Life Experience Degree

They encourage me to fully experience the journey. They were the president of Princeton Theological Seminary; and then bishop of the New York area of the Methodist church; as well as, then president of the southern baptist convention; then president of Colgate Rochester. A similar study was conducted in 1999 among a nationwide sample of 503 parents of college-bound teens. But remember, seminaries are not just recruiting students, they're recruiting religious leaders. The observations were conducted during 16 hours of class time at host and remote sites. Philadelphia. S. We spend our time trying to make the journey from the simple to the complex before we emerge with the simple again. More of it is located in the life of the seminary, and the seminary is struggling to do a good job. The only aspect of religion-teaching that can be improved (we say) is method: the various methods of arousing interest or of holding the attention of large groups, and the kinds of equipment books, pictures and what not that will be most useful. But in all these settings religious leadership has to do with congregations looking to certain persons to help them understand and claim what they are doing as a religious community, to provide them with the support and encouragement they need to get their work done as a community of faith, and to celebrate with them as they do this work.

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