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 The quick answer is: ok, lets provide remedial work where we find the need and some seminaries do attempt remedial courses for non-credit. But the answer belies the deeper question: who should be allowed into theological education? For the prestigious divinity schools the issue is not a particularly weighty one, but for the seminary down the road the question strikes at the core of purpose and call.


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, although the university did not open until after his death. Content (we say) means what we have to teach, the unchangeable faith and morals taught by the church. Evans. Many faithful people are struggling to find the right church for their families in a new setting, and are wrestling with how to discern the appropriate criteria for their decision. They were the president of Princeton theological seminary; and then bishop of the New York area of the Methodist church; as well as, then president of the southern Baptist convention; then president of Colgate Rochester. The label most frequently used to sum it up is reformed. Men are considerably more likely than women to have entered seminary because they wanted to be parish ministers, while women were more likely than men to come to seminary to develop spiritually and/or to find out how they might best use their faith and abilities in the work of the church. Well, yes, admissions experts say. Ordination was the responsibility of the local community, and the seminary wasn't going to take students in for post baccalaureate theological study if they hadn't been confirmed by the church.

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