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Educating The World

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Online Learning



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Online Learning

 Form of education using technology to teach pupils who are dispersed geographically. Britain's open university, founded in 1969, is the oldest and most successful distance-learning institution in the world, using a mixture of postal mail, television, electronic conferencing, and the internet to offer degree courses to students all over the world.

Online Learning Articles

As we will demonstrate, both schools rest on bedrock convictions about what a world conformed to gods wishes would look like and on critical judgments about how the world (and the church as part of the world) fails to live up to that ideal. In some cases, however, it may be a necessary discipline-both for the over committed student and for the= school that has become too dependent on loan-funded revenues. Emory universities Candler school of theology, for example, is undertaking a sweeping overhaul of its curriculum in order to integrate theological studies with Christian practices, and it has instituted a new contextual education program. American educator, b. There are two examples of the former: a six month participant observation of one seminary in 1977-78, and in- depth interviews with 30 women students from two seminaries in 1977-78 by myself. Its relatively recent development results from numerous social trends the general spread of public education, the intensification of economic competition with a resulting premium on skills, the complexities of national and international politics demanding constant study, the stimulating effects of urbanization, the opportunity offered by increased leisure time, and increased interest in educational activities on the part of many older men and women.

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