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Seminary Degree



Bible college degrees by correspondence. Our online theology school makes seminary education at home easy. Distance learning payment plans.

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Seminary Degree

 Although the primary purpose of a seminary is to prepare and equip candidates for religious service in the church, nowadays many people not intending to become involved in church leadership may study in seminaries. Qualifications may be obtained majoring in pastoral work and similar fields, as well as in the more academic disciplines.

Seminary Degree Articles

What's more, most schools don't have Harvard's $19 billion endowment. Maryland. A good first step, he thinks, would be upping the value of federal Pell grants (given to students from low-income families), which have lagged behind inflation in recent years. The participants also acknowledged the use of technology as a way to interact more with the content through the use of power point, case studies, videos, student presentations, and document displays. At UCLA, in courses in intellectual and religious history, i wanted students to appreciate the ethos and spirit of the texts we were reading, but i tried not to confuse the lectern with the pulpit. He was elected last year as executive director of the association of theological schools. Trustee actions and faculty reactions led to a temporary negotiated peace, the so-called covenant of renewal, approved in 1991. While the church/agency has particular ministry needs, the seminarian needs to be challenged for professional growth by a full spectrum of ministry opportunities.

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