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You can receive your state authorized, accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!


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 So, for instance, some academic courses on Buddhism which are dedicated to the rational investigation of a Buddhist understanding of the world prefer the designation Buddhist philosophy to the term Buddhist theology. Others have argued that, say, in Islam, theological discussion which parallels Christian theological discussion has, in the modern period, been a minor activity, and that the Islamic analogue of Christian theological discussion would more properly be the investigation and elaboration of Islamic law.


Seminary Degree

If every denomination in north America ceased to exist next year, there would be little reason for ats schools to continue. Although its admirable that teenagers want to help their parents pick up the cost of their college education through student loans, many may not realize the future financial impact of doing so. That have pushed some schools to encourage high levels of debt (and others to adopt equally self-destructive practices, such as deficit spending or invasion of endowment) raise not only the questions of careful management we have pressed, but also a fundamental question: who should pay for a theological education? The question, which involves basic theological and ecclesiological issues, is likely to stimulate a wide range of responses. Great professors teach about god, but knowing god comes only from the holy spirit. If that happens, theological schools are going to get all the good students they need.

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