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 In other patristic greek sources, theologia could also refer narrowly to the discussion of the attribution of divine nature to Jesus. (it is in this sense that Gregory Nazianzus was nicknamed the theologian: he was a staunch defender of the divinity of Christ. ) it is the last of these senses which lies behind most modern uses (though the second is also found in some academic and ecclesiastical contexts), and while the term theology can refer to any discussion of the nature of god or the gods, or indeed the discussion of any religious topic, it is also regularly used to denote the academic study (in universities, seminaries and elsewhere) of the doctrines of Christianity, or of any other religion, or of the relationships and contrasts between various different religions, although the latter is a field more usually termed.

Seminary School Facts Sometimes it seemed as if the additional demands related to ordination or involvement in the life of the denomination complicated or interfered with my preparation for ministry. Fortunately, this situation has changed, and in this paper i review what the current social science research reports. In an article about the professions generally, subtitled women get a ticket to ride after the gravy train has left the station, the authors ( carter and carter, 1981) argue that women are being allowed into the professions at a time when professions are losing status, income, autonomy, and prestige. See also Bible Homiletics, and pages related to Seminary School.