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You can receive your state authorized, accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!


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Sermon Outlines resources on include information about Online Doctorate Degrees, and more. Theology programs with Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate awards. Online seminary degrees.

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 To be successful such systems require sustained funding and organizational policies which do not marginalize distance education. The rapid growth of the internet has undoubtedly contributed to the wealth of literature written on the future of distance learning and distributed learning in higher education. The related terms distance education and open learning are often used interchangeably, although the latter may also indicate that the standards for entry are open, which is not true for all distance-education institutions.

Sermon Outlines Facts Part of the seminaries task of spiritual formation is taking the older student who has thought about ministry only in a general way, or the recent convert to Christianity who knows relatively little about ministry within a denomination, and teaching them how to function within the context of a particular ecclesial community. The pre-1996 accrediting standards did not say anything specific about what theological scholarship is or what it involves. What, exactly? Peace? Fulfillment? Rest? In their restlessness, they gazed into crystals, searched tarot cards and maybe even called the psychic hotline. See also Seminary Doctorate Of Theology, and pages related to Sermon Outlines.