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You can receive your state authorized, theologically accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!    


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WCJC Church / NCU Affiliation Information and Application 


Foreign Missions WCJC Church Affiliation and NCU University Charter Application


ATTENTION: The WCJC United States Church network is currently operating at full capacity and is currently closed to charter opportunities.  If you are a USA based Church, do not submit this church affiliation / NCU charter application until further notice.   Thank you.








Watch your Church grow and keep 100% of the tuition when you offer your own NCU, Northwestern Christian University, Associate Degree Program in Biblical Studies, at your Church location, to students in your surrounding communities. A great way to reach out to your surrounding communities, attracting students as well as their families to your Church.


APPLICATION FORM AT BOTTOM:  Be careful to read all WCJC Church affiliation instructions/ guidelines.



"We must preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  Therefore, we should be open to and allow affiliation with any Bible centered Church, whose members love Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and have a focus on the fulfillment of our Lord's Great Commission".

Presiding Bishop; Howard M. Sarkela, August, 2004



Thank you for your interest in becoming part of this great and mighty vision, given for the purpose of uniting churches who share  the common goal of “Evangelizing” the world for our Lord Jesus Christ, through Bible centered education.

The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ (WCJC) is a 501 ( c )3 government registered ministry and part of Christian Alliance Ministries.

Our aim is to help equip churches with their own NCU University Branch to equip students in reaching the world for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, resulting in both Church growth and discipleship in fulfillment of the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:18-20)

The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ has valuable resources through the ministries of Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide, which includes: The NTS Library, International Association of Christian Theologians, and over 900 worldwide branches of Northwestern Theological Seminary and Northwestern Theological Seminary. The leadership of Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide, with a membership of over 400,000 around the world, has been directed by the Holy Spirit to unite Churches into one international body by providing Charter Memberships, through the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ to Independent Ministries, even independent denominational Churches, around the world.  WCJC is a non-denominational body, a worldwide religious order.. Churches chartered by WCJC will operate under their current names but should include "an affiliate of the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ" to their name , signage and paperwork. An example of this is, a church whose name is The Church of the Resurrection, will actually read, “The Church of the Resurrection, an affiliate of the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ”. Each church will operate independently maintaining their current system of disciplines and teachings, but always maintaining a sound Bible centered doctrine based on a Biblical foundation only.  Each new church that affiliates with the WCJC, will continue to be managed by it's own board of directors even as it operatated prior to affiliation with the WCJC.


  • Become part of a large Church organization / ministry with extensions all around the world.
  • Become part of a ministry recognized as a Religious Order in the USA and around the world
  • Join an alliance of many thousands of affiliated members and approx. 5,000 affiliated WCJC Churches.
  • Receive a Charter Certificate recognizing your ministry as a member of the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ
  • Become a member and Director of Christian Alliance Ministries Worldwide
  • Receive authorization to operate a NCU Branch University from your local region as a Local Pastor/Director with the ability to award a State Authorized, Theologically Accredited Associate Degree in Biblical Studies to all graduates who enroll from surrounding communities.
  • All Churches that open NCU University branches are allowed to keep 100% of all Tuitions paid by your university students and there is no cost to affiliate and open your NCU University branch at your church.
  • Be able to keep your current Church name, just add "an affiliate of the Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ" to your name. signage and paperwork and be recognized through a simple charter agreement.
  • Remain independence in the operating of your church and ministries through your own board of directors, while still being part of a recognized body of Churches represented by WCJC around the world.
  • Have your ministry listed as a Chartered Member of WCJC
  • Be able to proclaim from your pulpit worldwide ministry developments pertaining to your partnership/ affiliation with thousands of other WCJC growing worldwide Church and educational ministries.
  • We suggest that you charge a $1,500 total Tuition, by Love Offer for the 60 cr. hr., 2 year NCU Associate degree in Biblical Studies degree program. With a total enrollment of just 30-students per year, you will realize an added income of $45,000 per year for your Church. However, your income should be higher as you should be adding new students each week from the start of your NCU program. * The $1,500 Associate degree opportunity for your students represents a fraction of the cost at most Colleges and Universites.
  • The $1,500 tution by Love offer suggestion is just that, a suggestion,  as we do not dictate to you regarding how much you may determine to charge for the NCU branch Associate degree program. meeting at your Church.
  • The unique *open enrollment structure of the curriculum which uses only the 66-books of the Bible as textbooks, allows for new students to enroll every week. * Open enrollment can actually allow a new student to enroll every week since they will all start in Matthew Chapter ONE and do their assignments from home, it will not disrupt the fow of the Associate degree program. *In theory 30 students could all be working on different chapters in different Bible books simultaneously and it would still not be a problem. The weekly meetings at church with the volunteer advisor are just to review assignments and answer questions which enhances learning. Another great feature of open enrollment is it allows students to work at their own pace as they complete all assignments at home. This allows for some students, depending on skill set and personal and work schedule, to complete the associate degree in as little as a year while others may take up to 2-years for completion of all assignments.
  • There will be a small graduation fee plus shipping, paid by the student only for processing and shipping the students degrees from Florida headquarters, at time of graduation only. This graduation fee is collected by the Church/ NCU Branch and forwarded to Florida headquarters.     * This is a United States branch requirement.
  • Your Church will accomplish instant quality program content with your own NCU University level, Bible centered, Associate Degree program represented by your NCU University branch. This will greatly enhance promotion and development of Church growth through increased membership over time. Advertising your own University branch will bring in new students as well as add new members to your Church as students and their families are drawn through exposure, word of mouth, promotion and advertising to consider attending.
  • Your Church can quickly and easily accomplish a substantial income stream through enrollment of students at your own NCU University branch which will aid in the development and growth of your Church.
  • The NCU University program can be operated under direction of ONE volunteer student advisor and can use a room or the sanctuary of your Church building for class sessions. Assignments are completed by students at home and there is no need to meet more than once or twice weekly for as little as TWO hours to review course work and for the volunteer student advisor to interact with students.
  • The NCU Director's manual provides simple guidelines for operation of your NCU branch. We currently have over 900- branches in operation worldwide.
  • All graduates of your NCU associate degree program have the option of transferring to the NCU online bachelor's programs. Your NCU Associate program graduates will be allowed to transfer all 60-credits earned in their NCU Branch Associate Degree program from your Church toward a NCU online 120 cr. hr. bachelor degree program in a variety of majors. Masters and Doctorate level education is also provided through our online NCU University at excellent savings.
  • The Senior Pastor of your affiliated WCJC church becomes eligible for award of an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from NCU after one year of successful NCU branch program operation. The Honorary D.D., is a gift award in recognition of pastoral service as a WCJC affiliate Pastor and requires absolutely no payment.
  • Pastors who establish a church network of 20 or more churches and or NCU branches, are appointed as WCJC Bishops as they are fulfilling the Biblical position of overseer. We have approximately 31 Bishops ordained by WCJC, representing thousands of WCJC affiliate churches worldwide.
  • Your Voluntary Monthly Tithe: As an affiliated Church aligned with the "Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ" it is proper that a monthly tithe be sent to your Senior Bishop of your Country, each month. The amount that you send can be determined by your own Church/ Board of Directors. We will not set a amount, or attempt to dictate to you on how much you should send. We only ask that you would pray over it and give in obedience to the direction of the Lord in view of the benefits provided to your Church by this, His ministry.
  • The NCU Branch Program Manual covers all aspects of program operation and management.
  • All NCU branch programs are strictly physical programs and are not allowed to be offered online. The Name of Northwestern Christian University is not to be used on any website connected with your church or membership not is it allowed to use the name of Northwestern Christian University in any form of online advertising. Using our name online can cause conflict for NCU headquarters regarding searches conducted by potential online students for our online NCU programs. Violation of this very important requirement is grounds for immediate termination of your charter and affiliation with WCJC/ NCU.


NCU University branches offer the Associate Degree in Biblical Studies only.


Church Planting:

To establish a NEW Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ affiliated Church planting, it is necessary to first be ordained by The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ as a Minister of the Gospel or provide a copy of your current Ordination Papers from a church which is chartered as an affiliate of WCJC. New Church plantings must be part of an existing Church organization that is chartered with WCJC. Graduates of NCU branches may be ordained and start new Churches under the leadership of the NCU sponsoring Church that is in affiliation with WCJC.

Application Fees:   

There is NO cost to apply for a Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ charter.

* Application form is posted below...



For a listing of the 31- States that allow, non U.S. Dept. of Education based accreditation, institutions to award religious degrees, go to the Ministry Charters page on the WCJC website, listed below and see the posting there.

If your State does not appear on the list, check with your State-concerning your rights as a Christian Church. There have been recent supreme court decisions securing our first amendment rights and your State may now be in compliance and allow you to offer Christian educational programs in your Church leading to a religious degree.




May the Lord bless and direct you in your prayerful decision to be part of this anointed worldwide ministry, focused on fulfillment of our Lord's Great Commission..

We look forward to working together with you to reach others and make disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ!


Dr. Howard M. Sarkela

Presiding Bishop:





Foreign Missions Charter Application

Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ/ NCU University


WCJC Church Charter and NCU University Branch Opportunity for Churches outside of the USA only.


(All Information Must Be Filled In To Avoid Rejection)


For more information on The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ please contact us today. 

We are planting new Churches for:  The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ” all over the world and very interested in churches that would like to become chartered with our Worldwide Ministries. 

We are recognized as a nondenominational worldwide religious order and open to all believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Worldwide Church "The Worldwide Church of Jesus Christ" is a ministry of Christian Alliance Ministries.  We have thousands of Churches affiliated with our name in approximately 40 countries.

Our ministry has approx. 5,000 affiliate WCJC Churches worldwide and hundreds of NTS and NCU educational branches. 

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23. A) Enter Bio Data Information Here… *Pastor's Resume must be included.  Just copy & paste it here. B) Also provide your doctrinal position/ statement of faith:

  * If you have difficulty with this application submission, please send an e-mail and attach your resume to:

Thank you.