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Educating The World

You can receive your state authorized, accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!


Distance Learning



Interdenominational theological seminary offering graduate level studies in theology, and ministry.

Offering Accelerated Online Seminaries, industry leading Distance Learning Solutions, and Degree Mills.

Distance Learning

 Today most Spatial Environment involves some form of communications technology to link learner and instructor. Spatial Environment requires that the institution provide appropriate structures for the development of Spatial Environment materials; the facilitation of learning such as opportunities for interaction with instructor and colleagues; organizational procedures geared to the distance learner; adequate library services; and specific student support.

Distance Learning Articles

We have shared in a sacred journey, and encouraged each other when fears and doubts clouded our vision of gods guiding light. A. Seminary students, at least m. Paradoxically, we are both an essential product of the institution and, usually, its least influential constituency. Most Americans define the American dream not as getting a high school diploma, but as getting a college degree, president of the commission on independent colleges and universities, an advocacy group representing more than 100 private educational institutions in New York state. They declared, by looking at interactivity in the distance environment, educators can identify instructional strategies that are effective and student behaviors to encourage. In New York City, about 2 of undergraduates, or 8,143 students among 310,308, were 40 or older in 2002. Elsewhere, a would-be transfer students prospects are less certain. Seminaries are unique institutions. When it comes to enrolling at safety u.

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