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Interdenominational theological seminary offering graduate level studies in theology, and ministry.

Offering Distance Education Vs Traditional Education, industry leading Sermon Outlines Solutions, and Seminary Degree.

Sermon Outlines

 To the extent that theology relies upon the religious practitioners own terms, it is likely to be explored by those who have some kind of commitment to those terms: i. e. , by those who are either practitioners of the religion, or sympathizers. This is not, however, to say that one must have religious belief in order to be a theologian: some undertake it simply in order better to understand a religions structure and implications, or as a form of thought experiment - though the further one moves from the philosophy of religion end of the spectrum to the theology end, the rarer non-practitioners become.

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, teacher to the class, teacher to specific student, origination site student to teacher, remote site student to teacher, student to student at the same site, student to the class or to student at the other site. . Teacher to the class (t-c) and students to the class or to students at the other site were recorded most frequently in observations, while students perceptions of interactions indicated that student to student at the same site interactions occurred most frequently. The instructors interview questions also consisted of instructional techniques and methods in relation to a course delivered at a distance. But the financial pressures. Student debt is not a severe enough problem to warrant such a radical move. , Canada; roman catholic, coeducational, French language; chartered 1852, an outgrowth of a seminary established 1663 by Bishop Laval. Self-knowledge and authenticity are an important feature of the mainline argument purging oneself of biased and selfish attitudes requires first of all acknowledging that one has them so faculty demonstrations of integrity carry an important educational message.

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