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      Online Seminary Student Testimonials

Holy greetings and God's speed to you and your theological partners in the ministry. I have a great feeling of joy to learn of your online degree program that is enabling young men and women the opportunity to study. It gives a deeper, wider and true knowledge of the Christian Faith. I truly bless The Lord for your obedience and dedication, having received the revelation and vision to educate the world, you embarked to fulfill this worthy cause. This great resource, no doubt has helped to spread the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to many remote and undeveloped areas of the world. I pray earnestly for your ministry to get stronger and wider, continue to be courageous, amid the attacks from those who lack the true vision and fail to understand the great commission God has charge us to fulfill.

Your Faculty Advisors and Ministry Directors from all over the globe tells of the hard work and effort that has gone into this ministry. I discovered this website while searching the internet.

I have been looking online for opportunity to continue my biblical studies. I have looked at several biblical study programs, but I don't see any that can be compared with Northwestern Theological Seminary. Your core courses, the foundation for all your degree programs are excellent.

Anyone that has good knowledge and understanding of the Christian Faith should support and promote this great work of the ministry. I have passed on this website to some of my Pastoral Colleagues and advised them to take the time to explore fully, the opportunity that Northwestern Theological Seminary offers. I know God's blessings will continue to be upon this ministry through the prayers of those that love the Lord.

Rev. C. E. Gayle
Faith House Apostolic Church
Toronto, Canada

I have wanted to attend seminary for years, but due to schedule and financial restraints, could not pursue the traditional route of sitting in a classroom for hours every day, and paying thousands of dollars for the privilege.  I began exploring online options, and I am very happy our Lord led me to Northwestern Theological Seminary.  I have been enrolled for about 4 months, and I am very impressed by the instruction method Northwestern Theological Seminary uses. The information I learn in every course is easily recalled. 

Since beginning my course of studies, my knowledge of Scripture has increased, and my relationship with God has become deeper and closer. God recently allowed some events to occur in my life that in the past would have knocked me down, but now have only highlighted the changes He has wrought in me through a better knowledge of Him, and His word, that Northwestern Theological Seminary has helped me to achieve. 

I do recommend Northwestern Theological Seminary to everyone I meet who express even the remotest interest in deeper study of Scripture.

Christopher A Stigall
Combined- Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies / Master of Divinity in Ministry

The Lord has blessed me to become a student of Northwestern Theological Seminary. Before I was accepted into the program, I did some research into other online seminaries, and to my surprise, some programs were as much as ten times the amount of Northwestern Theological Seminary. I thank God for his favor and leading me to your web site, Halleluiah! This was something I was looking for.

Back in June of 2010, I was ordained as a Reverend, and I must say that through my study and research, I have been enriched with a lot of history and facts that I always long for.

I thank God for your programs.

Rev. Andre Owens
Bachelor of Theology in Ministry Program

I come from an evangelical Christian background with a bias in Biblical Exposition. Nonetheless, I have to appreciate the thoughts of other Christian theologians with different biases. I also have to admit that this is the first time I have been involved in an online learning.

It is a very enriching intellectual and technological masterpiece to embrace a new concept of learning without compromising the quality of the content material.

David H. Kodia
Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Theology Program

I have been blessed in my Northwestern Theological Seminary program thus far, because your school became available when my original Doctor of Ministry program at Wesley in DC couldn’t meet my academic needs. Wesley requires students to be away from ministry, work, and home four weeks out of the year, and I could not commit to that level of absence.

Your school has encouraged me so very much. I only have two courses left to finish before I complete my doctoral dissertation.

Thank you for the ministry of your school to me. I am humbled to say that I have done very well in all of my classes thus far.

Rev. Paul H. Demers
Doctor of Ministry Program

Northwestern Theological Seminary has blessed me by having a deeper, more meaningful understanding of Scriptures. I have learned so much about Theology and practical application of Biblical principles in the last year.

Thank you so much for having created this institution of higher education that edifies students to a greater understanding of Christ!

Eduardo Fernandez
Master of Theology in Christian Counseling Program

It is with a heartfelt of gratitude that I write this letter of love and appreciation to you and - our seminary leaders - for the blessings that have been gifted to me by attending this wonderful seminary. My studies here have opened anew the "windows of heaven" for me in a way most magnificent!

I have embraced my life long love for Christ by ever increasing my knowledge of the Old Testament - and built a more solid foundation for my faith. I have rejoiced in seeing anew the prophecies of old - foretold - becoming alive and living in the New Testament with a freshness and a vision that is breath taking to behold!

Northwestern Theological Seminary has gifted to me a deeper relationship with my Lord, and for that gift there is nothing in the world entire to compare. I am blessed - truly - beyond belief!

With an everlasting love for the Master.

Carol C. Bolton
Combined- Bachelor of Theology / Master of Theology in Theology Program

I have been working toward my B.Th. in Christian Counseling with Northwestern Theological Seminary for several years and I am close to completing my degree requirements. The time I have spent studying and preparing course work over the past several years has deepened my understanding of God’s Word and definitely helped me into a closer walk with the Lord.

My Northwestern Theological Seminary studies have helped to prepare me to talk with others about the issues they face, and they have also been a strong foundation from which to face a particularly difficult period of tragedy in my own life.

As I prepare to retire from my first career I look forward to ministry opportunities and what I have learned and am still learning via Northwestern Theological Seminary as I complete my B.Th. and look toward my M.Th. will definitely be an asset to me.

Thomas W. Stewart
Combined- Bachelor of Theology / Master of Theology in Christian Counseling Program

I have been to seminaries on full time basis within the four wall environment, but my present online study experience with Northwestern Theological Seminary supersedes the former in respect to study materials and student- staff relationship.

I thank God for coming to Northwestern Theological Seminary.

David J. Tassa
Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Education Administration Program

The Lord has blessed me through my Northwestern Theological Seminary educational experience by infusing me with the Holy Spirit. When I opened the first course the foundation was laid out that this course requires an absolute trust in the Holy spirit as the ultimate teacher. At first I scoffed, and applied the human knowledge approach. I even made a few comments about my skepticism in my first assignment. By the time I got to the third course, however, I realized that the Spirit of Scriptures were directing my energy. It was a supernatural experience, an epiphany. By the time I started Systematic Theology it was truly the Holy Spirit that was doing the writing for me.

I have taken many, many, on-line courses and never have I been so motivated to excel. The proof is in the pudding--I believe I started in February and have completed up to Assignment 1 of the Course number 5 of the core courses. This is incredible.

Moreover, I was so spirit filled after studying the hermeneutics course I purchased two books on Biblical Greek. The hermeneutics course clearly stated that a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew will establish a sound foundation in interpreting the Bible. I'm not sure how I'll do it but I trust in God to see me through.

I have grown spiritually and faith-based intellectually in my Northwestern Theological Seminary experience.

Thank you Northwestern for opening my eyes to see the truth in God's teaching.

David Heaukulani
Doctor of Divinity in Ministry Program

I would like to thank God who led me to the website of Northwestern Theological Seminary. I had for a long time been longing to do an Online Theology training, but I could not find one which is as affordable and with an enriched online library as Northwestern Theological Seminary.

As I started doing my first courses in Old Testament and New Testament Surveys, my mind was opened to to discover great ideas, facts and events which outlines God's sovereign dealing with mortal man. This has changed my perspective of studying the Bible and I discovered that I know too little from the Scriptures and I now have the desire to know more. Thanks to Northwestern Theological Seminary for giving me this opportunity to discovery my inadequacy and to polish me up for greater work of ministry.

May God bless this program to impact millions of His servants as we serve Him in our generation and the one to come.

Peter Acanga
Bachelor of Theology in Christian Counseling Program

What is it about opening the Word of God and letting it saturate soul? No eyes have seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him. By inviting Jesus into my life, praying, and studying it is allowing me to form the mental picture of what God has prepared for those that love him. This is how I am be blessed by Northwestern Theological Seminary.

I have study the bible for over 40 years and with this training that I am receiving, the Holy Spirit is guiding my path to fulfilling the answers about life that I thought could never be answered.

Mark Saunders
Combined- Bachelor of Theology / Master of Theology in Biblical Studies Degree Program

I thank God for His many blessings and you for your insight to put this plan of study together for Pastor's like me. As a pastor, Moderator and National Teacher, achieving my Master's and Doctorate seemed out of reach, but my experience with Northwestern Theological Seminary has been one of encouragement. I want to personally thank Dr. Galloza for his insight, he has made this journey achievable through programming and clear instruction.

I will recommend this course of study to others in my Church, State, and Association.

Rev. Elizabeth Mary Robinson
Combined- Master of Divinity / Doctor of Philosophy in Divinity Program


Northwestern Theological Seminary is a blessing to me. It is a door God opened for me to get my PhD. What surprised me is that even when I have not gotten to the end of the program in the aforementioned Institutions, God foreknew what will happen at the end and have asked me to leave like He directed Abraham to leave his household and nation to a land He would show him; and through him, all nations of the Earth would be blessed.

I know that having obeyed Him who directed, He will take me to the pinnacle of my academics (acquiring the PhD successfully), in no distant time.

Robinson Ochuko Orido
Combined- Master of Theology / Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry Program

Studying at Northwestern Theological Seminary is really a great blessing to me in many ways.

I have learned a lot about God, Jesus, the Bible, and the science of theology. They introduce valuable courses, and the assignments required helped me in searching, reading, and in creating a biblical worldview, which is life changing, and very helpful in the work of ministry and in living a Christian life in a world that is full of many unbiblical views.

God also blessed me through studying at Northwestern because it is financially affordable to me. I can study any time; according to my own schedule, it all depends on my speed, and time.

Finally I have to thank my advisor for his patience and helping spirit.

Hany Nabil Sadik
Bachelor of Theology in Theology Program

I am happy to share my testimony of how the Lord has blessed me as a student of Northwestern Theological Seminary. While I fully acknowledge material blessings from the Lord, may I focus at this time on the spiritual blessings.

I sense a deep awareness of a peace of mind, and tranquility in my heart, and also a strong desire to fulfill God's will, and do exploits for Him.

It is my desire also, to know Him better.

Alfred N Berry
Doctor of Theology in Biblical Studies Program

I am Thai pastor in a new church called Alive Church. Before Northwestern Theological Seminary, I was taking courses from a Bible school in Thailand. Although there are many distance Bible schools in Thailand, it’s quite difficult because they are not online and still have only certificate level which couldn’t let me study in depth the word of God.

I found Northwestern Theological Seminary  through my prayer and searching on the internet. I believe Northwestern Theological Seminary is divine guidance given to me because Northwestern Theological Seminary could fulfill my needs in which I could serve God and still run the church at the same time.

Rittee Chaiwong
Master of Divinity in Ministry Program

Northwestern Theological Seminary's continuous pursuit of excellence in combination with its' bold stance against secular accreditation is appropriate and commendable.

The Institution's expectation of high quality academic work matched with its' low cost tuition is outstanding, but to make these type of Degrees available online and self-pacing is simply priceless!

Bryan H Brynildsen
Combined- Master of Theology / Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Apologetics Program

The assignments I have completed have certainly deepened not only my knowledge of Biblical Theology and its workings, but additionally they have given me a more thorough love for The Lord.

The step by step progressive learning process, that Northwestern Theological Seminary uses, provides for me the capability to better understand Christianity in general as well as specific areas that I had very little knowledge of in the past.

Patrick Rooney
Bachelor of Theology in Theology Program

Northwestern Theological Seminary has been a blessing to me in many ways. I have just completed the second course in my M.Div. program and love every moment of my studies. The greatest blessing of NTS is the cost. I wanted for so many years to attend seminary.

I have been a high school teacher for the past 25 years but always felt a calling to full time ministry. Northwestern Theological Seminary is providing me with a quality education at an affordable price.

Robert J Heyer
Master of Divinity in Ministry Program

I am amazed at the effectiveness of the teaching method used here.

Most schools have a textbook, some lectures, assignments, and a set of "facts" to "memorize" for tests. Then you test and later you eventually "forget" much of that which you "memorized".

Northwestern Theological Seminary has the philosophy of helping you to put what you are learning into immediate use, (they make you think about it), which causes you to retain more of the information than using the usual teaching method.

I came to Northwestern Theological Seminary, (actually the Holy Spirit led me), to learn, not just to get a degree. I am very pleased with the quality of education I am receiving.

Jesse Prewitt
Combined- Bachelor of Theology / Master of Theology in Christian Education Program

I want to let everyone know that Northwestern Theological Seminary has provided me with not just an excellent curriculum, but a foundation surrounded in the truth of Christ. I have been blessed with a place I can call home, a place that understands that the road becomes more difficult as we get closer to Him.

I have been blessed with the tools to continue to spread the Word of Christ our Savior to all those who need His strength.

Rev. Alexander Gutierrez
Combined- Master of Divinity / Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry Program

Over the years it has been my upmost desire to further my education in the areas of Christian Counseling and Biblical Studies. Northwestern Theological Seminary has been a great blessing to me in that your online distance learning program has allotted me the opportunity to accomplish my heart felt goal. Prior to enrolling in your program , as a working mother, wife, church elder, and part-time caregiver for two elderly family members it has been absolutely impossible to see my long desired goal become reality.

Northwestern Theological Seminary's accommodating, flexible programs has made it possible for me to attain my goal. As well, your staff's spirit of sensitivity, consideration, and cooperation has been a blessing to me. Most importantly, having the opportunity to complete my studies on-line with an authentically bible-based seminary, such as yours has been an answer to my prayer.

I sincerely thank God for Northwestern Theological Seminary. You have been more that a blessing. Without your great program and God-sent staff, myself as well as others who have the desire to continue their education would never have the opportunity.

May God continue to blessed Northwestern Theological Seminary immensely.

Carma Leda Isom
Combined- Master of Theology in Christian Counseling / Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies Program


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