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Educating The World

You can receive your state authorized, theologically accredited Bachelor, Master, Doctorate degrees in far less time, for up to 98% less expense than through most traditional online seminaries, online bible colleges, online universities!    


Online Learning Modules

  Northwestern Theological Seminary offers the most time efficient and affordable way ever to receive your quality, theologically accredited, Bachelor, Master's and Doctorate Degrees. There is NO Tuition... Our students simply make a Love Offer which SAVES you up to 99% when *compared to traditional Degree programs.      *See Application Page

Northwestern Theological Seminary requires completion of our, Christian Life Development Program, Learning Module One as mandatory prior to the award of most Master's degrees. Learning Modules Three and Four may be required to fulfill credit requirements prior to award of a your Bachelor Degree. Learning Module Five may be mandatory for other degree awards.

Concerning Research Assignments:

We provide an extensive PDF and E-book, online Virtual library as well as many other valuable student resources through our ministry's: NTS Library website. This is a benefit which is provided at NO cost to you, as an enrolled student. WE offer the largest Free E-Library of any seminary or university. All textbooks are also provided at NO cost to all enrolled students through our extensive virtual library. 

After completion of enrollment, please make use of these valuable free resources by visiting our Seminary Library website. Our excellent guide for writing your Masters Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation are also available on our NTS  Library website.


Learning Module assignments and descriptions are provided below.  You can open and review these Modules. However, the downloadable and printable versions are only provided after completion of enrollment.

Learning Module Assignments:



MODULE ONE:   (24 Credits)


Module ONE is available below, in readable PDF format.


1. Part one of your Learning Module One assignment, requires that you write a thorough synopsis, in the form of an overview, commenting on each topic that is discussed in each chapter. In addition to your overview, you are also required to complete each individual assignment in the order of their appearance within the Module. Be sure to focus on the details, as you complete your Life Book, and your Life Script assignments. All of your completed assignments will be used as examples in the back of your Workbook, which is part two of your Module One assignment. Pay close attention to detail as you will be graded in consideration of both content as well as organization.                                 


2. The second portion of the Learning Module One assignment, requires you to Create a WORKBOOK by analyzing each chapter to develop key questions and assignments etc., which are to be combined with each of the existing questions, assignments and exercises. The answers and completions of each  question, assignment and exercise should be displayed in the index at the back of the workbook only and not on the same page as the questions, assignments and exercises. 



*Concerning Module One:

Your Life Book, and Life Script, completed assignments, (From #1 above), is personal information which will be valuable in providing you a new sense of purpose and direction in your Christian life. The completed exercise should  be included, as an example, as part of your workbook assignment. You should make a personal copy of your completed Life Book and Life Script, to be kept with your Bible and prayer list for review, during daily devotionals, for your own edification.  



MODULE TWO:  (24 Credits)


Module TWO


1. Part One of your Learning Module Two assignment, requires that you write a synopsis to provide a detailed overview explaining each chapter of the Learning Module.


2. Part Two of your Learning Module Two assignment, involves your using the analytic method of applied learning as explained under "Our Educational Process" found in the site topics list, of this seminary website's homepage. You are two create a workbook consisting of the actual content of Learning Module Two, with a series of appropriate questions, assignments and exercises to teach the content of Learning Module Two. Every answer and example representing solutions to all questions, assignments and exercises, should appear in the index at the back of the workbook. You will be graded on both content, organization and creativity.



Module Three:  *(Potential 81 Credits) *depending on Bible Book Knowledge evaluation


Learning Module Three is now in downloadable PDF format. Learning Module Three is a customized Module that provides assignments to both compliment your prior learning experience in addition to providing the required credit hours needed to achieve your Bachelor degree. Learning Module Three provides a customized component to meet your educational needs based on your performance on the Bible Book Knowledge Evaluation which is provided at the bottom of the table of contents on the Catalog page of this seminary website. Your Bible Book Knowledge evaluation and your Initial Evaluation examination, should be completed prior to beginning Learning Module Three.

Learning Module Three was developed by faculty advisors, in view of each students life experience credit assessment, to fulfill course requirements leading to achievement of a Bachelor Degree. There are numerous assignments within the Learning Module, which can provide as many as *81 credits. Major components of Learning Module Three involve both Bible book studies through Old Test. and New Test Survey assignments, Biographical studies, studies in Theology, apologetics courses and research papers utilizing the analytical process of applied education.

* The actual number of Bible Book studies required, is based on how many Bible Books the student is assessed at having only a FAIR knowledge of. In such cases the student will be required to study all Books for which they are evaluated at having only a FAIR knowledge through self assessment, based on our Bible Book Knowledge evaluation, which students submit from the Catalog page listing.

Module Four:  (36 Credits)


Learning Module Four is made into a downloadable PDF format, for your convenience. This learning Module focuses on the in depth study through individual research assignments for: 1) Introduction to the Bible, 2) Theology, 3) Homiletics, 4) Principles of Teaching and 5) Specific Bible Study Methods.


Module Five:  (33 Credits)


Learning Module Five is also made into a downloadable PDF format, for your convenience. This learning Module focuses on the in depth study, through individual research assignments, for: 1) Christian Counseling  2) Christian Social Work  3) Spiritual Warfare  and  4) Principles of Prayer



Learning Modules:

All learning module materials are provided at no cost to enrolled students. Modules One, Three, Four and Five are provided in  PDF format. To view Learning Modules One, Three, Four or Five, simply click on the LINKS which are clearly identified below. 

Be certain to study OUR EDUCATIONAL PROCESS found in the Site Topics list on the home page of this website. You will be expected to utilize this methodology, when appropriate, and you will be graded accordingly, when studying the, Christian Life Development, Learning Modules and whenever doing research papers including, but not limited to, your Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation. 

*Simply CLICK on either Module, listed below, to view each learning module. All Learning Modules are provided FREE of charge by Northwestern Theological Seminary to students who are fully enrolled. Auditing students are required to pay a $75 application fee to audit our courses.

These are each large, readable only, PDF files and will take a while to open completely, your patience is appreciated. 

*Click Amy Christian Life Development, Learning Module, To Open:

I.   Christian Life Development Module One

II.  Christian Life Development Module Two (Not available in PDF)

III. Christian Life Development Module Three

IV. Christian Life Development Module Four

V.  Christian Life Development Module Five

*For you convenience, we have provided a download button below, for you to access the latest version of Adobe Reader Software. When you use this software, use the complimentary  version, by clicking on the evaluation version option when the buttons appear. This latest Adobe version may be necessary to properly view our, Learning Module, PDF files. 

*(If you need Adobe, simply click below, then return to open your Learning Modules)

Get Adobe Reader    *Click on this Adobe Reader Icon.

May the Lord bless you with wisdom and knowledge as you sincerely seek to grow in the understanding of HIS divine Word.

The Christian Life Development, Learning Module One is designed to help you grow into a well rounded understanding of HIS Grace. Learning and applying the principles taught in this online learning module will illumine new purpose and direction in your life. You will acquire deeper understanding through assimilation of a balanced Christian world view, providing you with a grid of Godly knowledge and discernment, which you can use to view every circumstance. Furthermore, this valuable benefit provides, God centered, wisdom in making decisions for the development of your Christian life and career.

"Those who say they abide in HIM, ought also to walk in the same manner as HE walked." (I John 2:6)

At Northwestern Theological Seminary, our desire is that through learning and applying the teachings of these learning modules, you will not just have new purpose and direction, but that you would come to know Jesus better through your study of His Holy Word. Therefore, we encourage your daily devotion and study from the sixty six books of the Bible.. The priceless benefit is that through knowing His Holy Word, as the perfect value system, you will have constant access to a miraculous and wonderful new ability. You will be learning to look at the world through the eyes of our risen savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This Biblical grid should be considered and used as a viewing glass, a tool of the highest value. In fact, the Holy Word of God is a priceless gift which will provide you with a perfect, bible based, balanced, world view through which you will be enabled to view any circumstance. Studying the Holy Bible on a daily basis provides continuous access to the awesome wisdom of almighty GOD. You will learn to use this valuable tool in making many important decisions effecting both your life and ministry to others. May your study of these learning modules draw you to a deeper appreciation of this priceless gift that the Lord has provided us through His Supernatural Word. The Word of God is a living word which is vibrant with His presence. The more that you study His Word, the more you will become like Him and the more He will come alive in you. May the Lord bless you as you complete the learning modules and come to appreciate, with a new vitality, the priceless value of knowing Jesus better through the study His Holy Word.

"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God".  (Romans 10:17)

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God"   (John 1:1)

 Jesus said, "Sanctify them in truth father, thy word is truth"   (John 17:17)